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Wednesday, January 19, 2022
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Put dogs on lead to show respect


I am a recently bereaved parent of a baby boy and visit St Laurence Church graveyard in Alvechurch regularly.

I was absolutely disgusted when during a recent visit a man, who was tending to another grave, allowed his dog to run free in the graveyard. The dog urinated on several graves and walked over plants and flowers.

I told the man that it was totally inappropriate for his dog to be off the lead and doing his business there. He did put the dog back in his car but I cannot believe he thought it was acceptable behaviour in the first place.

In my opinion dogs should not be allowed in graveyards at all but if they are then they should be on the lead. I think it is a total lack of respect to allow your dog to urinate on the graves.

I urge any dog walkers to respect the graveyard and not cause additional distress to grieving families.

Penny Dyer, Alvechurch