Tuesday, February 27, 2024



Stop us if you’ve heard it all before . . . actually, don’t – because the problem is getting worse and worse.

For some reason, we have produced a generation of parents who are unable to bundle their kids out of the door in the morning and tell them to get to school on time.

Instead, they pile them into their cars (often very large, 4×4 “cars”), then vie for parking places as close to the school gate as possible.

Villagers living near St Andrew’s School in Barnt Green are tearing out their hair over their drives being blocked by thoughtless drivers.

It’s the same story outside the schools on Birmingham Road in Alvechurch, while the Old Birmingham Road in Lickey is probably the worst place to be at the start and end of the school day.

We’ve witnessed parents arriving more than an hour before the bell rings to nab a space, then they sit in their cars, engines running for the heater, texting or whatever it is they do until their little treasures eventually waddle out of the school gate.

Why don’t you just let the kids walk home? They are going to turn out hopelessly unfit for anything if they grow up thinking that being chauffeured everywhere is the natural way of things.

Meanwhile, all of these parked cars are creating a hazard for those children who do what children have done for generations . . . walk to and from school.

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