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Speeders ignore warning signs


I am fully in accordance with the comments made by Karen Hambleton in the April 2015 issue (Village Views).

Quite obviously the problem of speeding traffic is almost universal, but little or nothing is done about it.

I happen to live in Barnt Green about 20 metres from the “Blue Bridge”, through which there is a large volume of traffic, particularly in the morning and evening rush hours, presumably on the way to or from the motorway.

Most of the drivers totally ignore the 30mph road sign by the Barnt Green Inn, slow down briefly whilst going through it and then immediately accelerate again down Bittell Road.

The reverse is similar. I have spent a lot of time watching these vehicles and the illuminated 30mph speed limit sign, which is invariably ignored. The number that do ignore it is about 60 per cent.

About 30 years ago there was a very serious accident at the Blue Bridge and I was in discussion with the police, regarding the appropriate solution to the problem.

This resulted in the mini-island which now exists – but which remains largely ineffectual with regard to speeding.

The answer is average speed cameras from the Barnt Green Inn to the bottom of Bittell Road,  but we now learn that justification is required before any action can be taken.

Let us hope that it is not needed . . .

Martin Fallon, Barnt Green