Saturday, December 2, 2023
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It works both ways


Am I alone in thinking that the latest letter from “Name & Address Supplied”, regarding the blackened faces of Morris Dancers, is being intolerant of other people’s beliefs and ancient customs?

Is this racist? Or is this the word that mustn’t be spoken? (Look up the definition in the dictionary.)

Britain is a tolerant and welcoming society, evidenced by the acceptance of the many, many peoples of different cultures and religions, all given the freedom and right to congregate and follow their own religion, customs and beliefs, within the laws of this country, in which they have chosen to reside or remain. 

I’m sure there are many things that the indigenous population find strange and perhaps unacceptable of newcomers.

For instance, I find the wearing of the niqab by Muslim women in public, hiding their faces in a free, open and welcoming society, threatening and offensive.

By “Name & Address Supplied’s” reasoning, because I find it offensive and it is 2014, I should be allowed to ban it.
Tolerance and acceptance of other’s cultures, should work both ways.

Graham Solomon, Marlbrook