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Lions are a delight


I feel compelled to put pen to paper to answer Dr Merrick’s letter, “It’s a great pitch but where do we park?” (The Village, November 2014).

As a resident of Meadow Lane, Alvechurch, I have no say as to what The Meadows or car park are used for, and as Dr Merrick says, it was left for the children of Alvechurch.

I am delighted that it is being used for the Alvechurch Lions and it is lovely seeing them down there. The residents of the lane that I speak to are as happy as I am about it, and have voiced no objections at all.

The Meadows is run and maintained by the parish council and they sent us all, as residents of the lane, a courtesy letter telling us about the work being carried out, and the chairman of the Lions sent us a very nice letter explaining all about the football matches to be played.

The lane can easily get very congested, which is probably why these arrangements were made.

As a Birmingham City supporter, let’s hope the Lions have a better season than we’re having so far. Up the Lions!

Sue Brotherton