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Parking pests


Parking pest

I felt I had to respond to the letter in The Village “Parking menace continues’” (October 2014).

Being an avid walker around the areas of Marlbrook and Lickey, I have seen a noticeable deterioration in vehicle parking over the last two years.

This in an area predominantly rich in off-road parking spaces, with many houses having generous driveways.

Of course the dreaded “Tesco Express” parking usually ranks high up on the list of inconsiderate motorists. Indeed, while walking one day along the Old Birmingham Road near to Tesco, I had stopped to check the time when a motorist hooted his horn at me.

I turned around then realised he wanted me to move so he could park half on the pavement, where I had been walking, to go into Tesco!

When I challenged him he was so abusive that I just had to walk away.

This picture was taken in Marlbrook Lane one Wednesday afternoon in early October at approximately 2pm. Not only does it affect small children and moms with pushchairs and prams – but also elderly, less-mobile people, people on crutches, wheelchair users, blind and partially sighted people.

Why are these selfish, inconsiderate, ignorant drivers allowed to get away with this anti-social behaviour?

Until they are challenged and parking restrictions are enforced by the authorities, then they will continue this selfish behaviour. Painting double yellow lines on roads does nothing to prevent illegal parking until it is enforced and fines are issued.

These motorists will not change their behaviour until you hit their pockets – they do not have the sense of decency and consideration that most other people happily possess.

I never thought I’d say it, but let’s follow London’s example and bring in legislation for parking on the pavement. At the same time parking enforcers need to be out in the suburbs as well as in the town If you don’t “police” it and enforce it, people will abuse it!

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