Saturday, December 2, 2023

Keep on dancing


When I first read last month’s letter, I thought it might be a spoof letter written by a mischievous local intending to provoke a storm of outrage from “Patriotic and Proud” from Tutnall. Perhaps not, though. 

The writer is expressing disgust at the “absurd” and “offensive” practice by Morris dancing groups of blacking up their faces. He/she is entitled to his/her opinion.

However, “Name and address supplied” is an example of the growing number of sensitive souls these days who find something to offend them round every corner. 

Blacking up by Morris dancers is not racist: it is an old custom going back centuries, possibly even to medieval times. It is totally harmless and gives a bit of colour to an otherwise grey society where we must all conform.  

So, Morris dancers everywhere: keep up the old customs, whether your faces are black or just pink, bearded and sweaty! 

Alaric Birkett, Finstall  

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