Roger’s role to be applauded

I thought your short and rather sarcastic article about Roger Hollingworth in the April edition was unworthy of your magazine, which can usually be relied upon for balanced reporting and opinion.

You failed to mention the fact that when he took over as leader of Bromsgrove District Council in 2005, the local authority was in what the Government called “voluntary engagement” (special measures requiring outside involvement) after years of weak management and poor cost control.

Within four years, having introduced new managers and merged some services with Redditch Borough Council, Bromsgrove District Council had been released from special measures and came to be regarded as an example for other local authorities to follow, even being mentioned in Parliament.

Needless to say, the cost savings of over £1 million per year and improved services are of direct benefit to all council tax payers in the District, including your readers.

Although Roger courted controversy in recent times with his views about parish councils and the planning application at Hopwood, I think it’s important to see the bigger picture and put his voluntary efforts into perspective. 

Bob Dale, Weatheroak

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