Tradesmen blocking our paths with vans

I write following the article (The Village, February 2014) about drivers parking vehicles on the pavement and causing serious disruption and danger to those pedestrians using the pavement for what it is intended – walking!

One day last week I counted seven vehicles parked on the pavement between the Sandhills children’s nursery and Alvechurch Football Club. Several of these belonged to tradespeople who were working on properties along that stretch of the road.

I regularly walk my two dogs along the pavement and was incensed on this morning that after having negotiated the wheelie bins which are left for collection in the centre of the pavement (and this was before collection so no blame at this point on those who deal with the waste management) I was faced with a large van pulling up on the pavement next to a wheelie bin, leaving no room between the van and bin.

As I stopped and looked at the driver he offered me the explanation that “we are working at the house!” He did reverse back a yard or two but remained on the pavement.

It is difficult enough with two well-behaved dogs on short leads, but I do wonder how people with prams or pushchairs, wheelchairs or motorised scooters manage to negotiate these parked vehicles without having to go around them and walk in the road.

I fail to have an answer, as some residents may have more cars than drive space, but it is not only in the village centre where safe car parking should be a real consideration to the safety of pedestrians.

Alison Hitchins