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Friday, July 1, 2022

Swans’ walk


Swans and cygnets

Some months ago we were delighted to have on Cofton Lake two swans and, within a short while, five cygnets.

They disappeared for a time, but now they are back and how the cygnets have grown! The story of their return is incredible:

A gentleman, resident at Cornerstone [the Christian community based in Cofton Hall, Cofton Church Lane] brought them back to the lake on August 20.

I understand he had been caring for them in the grounds of Cornerstone.

Believing they would be happier on the lake, he “walked” them along the Stocken bridlepath.

That is quite a way and they had to stop and rest twice. They were soon in the lake like the proverbial ducks to water!

We are so grateful to John, the resident at Cornerstone, for his kindness.

The Schofields and the Courts, Cofton Hackett

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