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Bench has pride of place by the canal


When my father passed away last year he left instructions that he would like a bench installed on the canal in memory of him and my late mother.

My parents spent well over 40 years cruising along the canals, firstly on the Joremada, then for the majority of the time on the Impeller with its distinctive “putt-putt” diesel engine.

My brother liaised with the Canal & Riverboat Trust and finally the bench was installed on the tow path by the moorings looking over the Bittell Reservoir in early July.

When I went to sit on the bench for the first time I was surprised and astounded to be told that some walkers from Barnt Green had voiced concerns about the bench.

They seemed to think that the bench had simply been “plonked” along the side of the canal.

Well, I would like to inform them that planning permission was sought and granted, that the bench was paid for by my late father and installed by the Canal & Riverboat Trust and has already been welcomed by many enjoying a sit down to take in the wonderful views.

Martin Simson, Hopwood

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