Saturday, December 9, 2023

A neutral view


In last month’s edition you allowed people to use the publication as a platform for their religious views. This shouldn’t be allowed to happen and as a result I think you have devalued The Village magazine.

One gentleman was challenging items published in The Grapevine (St Laurence Church’s pamphlet) and I believe that if he had an issue with this he should have contacted the rector directly.

You did include an alternative view in an attempt to balance the debate. However, I do not want to see The Village become a soapbox for religious debate. I believe that you should focus on maintaining a neutral publication dedicated to what is going on in and around our village.

The Grapevine is a Christian publication paid for and distributed by the church and if Harry doesn’t like this, my suggestion would be for him to write his own atheist publication and distribute that.

Alternatively I’m sure that if it offends him so much he could ask for it not to be delivered to his household.

Darren Farmer, Alvechurch

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