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Residents’ power


I have read with interest the recent reports and articles concerning the establishment of the Barnt Green area Residents Association.
As a Wythall Residents Association (WRA) elected county and parish councillor, I wish the group well and would hope that similar groups are set up in Alvechurch and elsewhere to give voice to the concerns of local people.

I also hope they will have the courage of their convictions and put forward independent candidates at future elections.

Here in Wythall, WRA at one time held four of the five district ward seats and played a positive role with other like-minded councillors at Bromsgrove.  

We currently control the parish council and have two district councillors and one county councillor.

Just one final thought – the reports of the Barnt Green group always quotes “a spokeswoman” rather than giving the names of the people involved.

If they want to win the support of their community they need to be identifiable.

Stephen Peters
Wythall Residents Association

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