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Sunday, December 5, 2021
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Well done, Hopwood!


As Chairman of Hopwood Residents Association it was good to see 12 volunteers, including our ward parish councillor Adrian Smith, take part in a last-minute community-arranged litter pick.

Residents of Hopwood, including those from Ash Lane, Woodpecker Close and Birmingham Road, helped out, removing rubbish from the area including all of Stonehouse Lane, Ash Lane and the Woodpecker Close play area plus the public rights of way that run through Five Ways cricket and rugby club including the stream that runs alongside it.

This band of litter pickers swept through the area and all worked well for two hours tidying up the area, collecting 15 sacks of rubbish including old tyres, metal parts of cars, cans and fast food remnants, and dog poo in plastic bags, all found in the ditches and hedgerows along their lanes.

It is sad that irresponsible visitors to our beautiful countryside resort to this kind of anti-social behaviour in our lovely countryside rather than taking their detritus back to their own dustbins.

However, I was more than pleased that we have good volunteers like these in Hopwood who turned out and were prepared to roll up their sleeves and do something about it so that they can continue to enjoy the environment which we are fortunate to live in. Well done everyone involved.

Peter Higgins, Hopwood

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