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Wednesday, August 10, 2022
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The Tories are alienating our community


To be frank, I salute Ruth Sault’s honesty last month (Village Views “Overrun by affordable homes”).

Following the ridiculous onslaught on Barnt Green’s “green belt” by developers, I’m disgusted with Bromsgrove Council’s clandestine cover-up of switching the potential purposes of Barnt Green’s green belt (proposed Fiery Hill site) under the radar and with their stubborn ignorance of villagers’ objections.

In a Tory stronghold, ironically we are moving from big community to alienated community.

I would like to pose a question: would Barnt Greeners benefit from an amalgamation with Birmingham City Council instead, with sizeable amenities and transport?

As opposed to a carefree council that tramples over legitimate widespread planning concerns. We’re fast becoming a new Harborne, stripped bare by a hungry urban sprawl, defended by toothless councillors. Whey are we sacrificing another beautiful area forever?

Charlotte Goodyear, Barnt Green