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Wednesday, May 12, 2021
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32 homes is a minimum


Regarding “Village homes surprise” (The Village December 2011/January 2012), perhaps this now allows Bromsgrove District Council to pass any plan that comes along for site at the corner of Old Rectory Lane on the other side of the Birmingham Road, Alvechurch.

The suggestions in the proposed Core Strategy were for a combined total of 42 houses to be apportioned across the two sites and there is now approval for 27 homes on the smaller site.

This remaining site is the only land we have available in Alvechurch that is set out in the district plan that has to meet our needs until 2021. So its essential its not wasted by under-density development, and follows the initial recommendations of being suitable for a minimum of 32 houses of a good mix.

These should be available for proven need from Alvechurch people and not executive houses for incomers from the city.

There is a need for affordable homes, but not just any old home that will give the district council the opportunity of getting their hands on the New Homes Bonus and 106 money.

Adrian Smith, Hopwood