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Sunday, September 19, 2021
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The Uplands’ downside


In the October edition of The Village you give an upbeat account of plans to restore The Uplands. According to your source “many people welcomed the proposals”.

As Greenhill residents, we and our neighbours are more concerned with the other part of the planning application, that is, to build a large 58-unit facility for people with memory loss in the grounds of The Uplands.

The fact that the grounds of The Uplands and Burcot Grange are in the green belt is not mentioned.

Access to the dementia unit would be from Greenhill via an enlarged Burcot Grange entrance.

Greenhill is a winding country lane, not designed to take the already existing type and volume of traffic. It has become impossible to enjoy a walk or cycle ride up the hill as one is in constant fear of injury from vehicles driven into blind bends at inappropriate speeds.

The banks and walls are becoming damaged and badly eroded as vehicles mount the banks to avoid collisions.

In our opinion this application should be opposed on two grounds. Firstly it is located in the green belt. Secondly road access to the site is already overburdened with traffic.

John and Barbara Gilmurray, Burcot