Tuesday, February 27, 2024
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Conservatives are still failing to conserve


The current controversy and confusion caused by this Government’s proposals to give free rein to the less principled elements of the construction industry is highly undemocratic, and grossly unfair to those currently involved with planning issues.

It began with the Localism Bill and its grandiose promises of an empowered electorate, but that evaporated like April snow, to be replaced by a draft National Planning Policy Framework, which effectively tears up any Local or Neighbourhood Plans already compiled by groups across the country (including parish councils).   
The excellent coverage by The Daily Telegraph, and the deluge of letters received and published by them, bear testimony to the outrage felt by thousands who, perhaps naively, expect Conservatives – to conserve!

 Surely those most offended will be Tory voters from city and shires, who had good reason to expect that their vote would be rewarded with a sympathetic ear from those that they put into Westminster in May 2010.

Bromsgrove constituents must be hoping that the kick in the teeth from central government will be considerably softened at district level by a council and councillors who sincerely value those who gave them their vote, and are prepared to challenge a Government whose ramshackle administration is rapidly becoming a laughing stock.

Constituents have every right to expect that approval of significant planning applications will not be given whilst the present chaos remains.    

Peter McHugh, Secretary, Alvechurch Residents Group