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Happy to be a Parklandian


I have lived on Parklands for nearly 20 years. In the time since Oakalls has been built I have seen it degenerate considerably.

It used to be a nice, tidy and well-presented development, which is now full of overgrown verges, weeds in the gutters as well as growing up the barriers and brickwork at the entrance to Regents Park Road. Constant litter is also a problem along with the loud-mouthed youths that walk through our development shouting at the tops of their voices in the middle of Friday/Saturday and Saturday/Sunday nights.

At the time of buying our house I worked for Clarke Homes (now sold out to Westbury) who built The Parklands, and a lot of effort went into decisions on road names based on parks throughout the country, as well as the fact that they took great pride on the groundworks before the local authority adopted it.  

We had a lovely brick-built entrance, with “THE PARKLANDS” in nice gold letters, as well as concrete balls on the tops of the pillars. It looked a lovely residential area.

Then Gallaghers started to develop the rear of us into “The Oakalls”.  Their metal sign went up in front of the brick-built entrance markers, and we suddenly became classified as “The Oakalls”. 

When that eventually came down, metal plates were plonked on the brick entrances detailing “THE OAKALLS” with “PARKLANDS” being in little letters underneath like an afterthought, or to placate us Parklandians (despite having to go through Parklands to get to Oakalls!)

Even road markings were put on for Oakalls. Now there are no letters or signs at all because of the vandals that have removed them, and the brickwork is crumbling, with the weeds growing up them. Lovely, what an advertisement for what was a lovely development. 

We were here before Oakalls!  I am constantly fed up with being classed as Oakalls when we are not. Nor do I want to be associated with a development that has brought nothing but vandalism and litter to our once-nice estate.

We were, however, promised shops – yes it’s a long walk either way up a hill just to get a newspaper. If I was an Oakalls resident, having being promised shops, crèche and other amenities, I would be upset, because it was advertised as a “rural village”. It is not.

As for house prices, I certainly don’t understand why Oakalls commands higher prices for equivalent properties. A friend moved into one of their three-bed townhouses and needed scaffolding outside in order to get furniture through the windows, as they could not get it up the stairwells.

They have postage stamp-sized gardens, and when looking round the showhomes, the general finish on a lot of them left a lot to be desired. If I had enough money to move to a nice detached home, I would much rather buy one on Parklands than Oakalls.

I also agree with Gary Hopwood and Rupert Smith – the new markings on the island are very dangerous, and need to be looked at by the authorities before a serious accident occurs.

It would be lovely if the council got off their backsides and actually got weeds eradicated from the entrances as well as verges and gutters, and sorted out the entrance signs, but I think we have more chance of seeing a flying pig.

 Hey ho, that’s my moan for today!

Denise Danks, THE PARKLANDS! Bromsgrove