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Thursday, July 29, 2021
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Roundabout confusion


The entry to the Oakalls at the notorious roundabout from the town is indeed hazardous, but from the A38 north is also risky.

The motorist from Redditch regards and expects the motorist from the A38 north to be going towards Redditch and not the Oakalls. One cannot blame anybody, but the planners for this confusion. There are always near misses and even accidents are also not infrequent.

Regarding the undeveloped and unused grassland, unfortunately it is not clear whether the legal battles are yet over or not and whether the procedural formalities for action have been finalised or not. 

There was a talk of some shop/store, community centre, but the matter appears to be in cold storage.  

It is also frustrating, when you report faulty street lights. You get caught up in the cross-firing of council versus the builder(s) over who is responsible.

BK Chaudhari, Oakalls