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Was justice done?


Regarding “One tragic punch” (The Village, June 2011),  I have no affiliation with the deceased or his family, I only have an unbiased villager view which concludes this was a miscarriage of justice for the crime committed.

Local newspapers regularly report persons receiving longer sentences for lesser offences.

Frequenting the villages’ public houses and clubs has become an increasing risk in recent years, with persons wishing to make a name for themselves and the general lack of social interaction skills that abound within certain people groups.

This year, to my knowledge, there have been six major scuffles, three bar staff threats and an armed robbery within the village pubs alone. Is this acceptable in this day and age?

May the victim (and his mother’s) souls rest after an incident that could have been easily avoided.

I just hope that when the guilty party is released after another 12 to 18 months that he does genuinely feel remorse.

via villageonline

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