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Tuesday, October 19, 2021
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We’d pay to save our green fields


The Barnt Green plans are drawing the worst out of me. This is the situation: we are the youngest couple (early 30s) on Kendal End Road. To get here cost just shy of £50,000 for our deposit.

I can’t speak for everyone but, even though it sounds snobbish, it pains me that people are potentially jumping in through the back door.

Also, apart from Sundays, the village is already crammed. Then there’s the impact it will have on the value of local small houses and a whopping great development planned for the ex-Longbridge plant.

Cut us some slack. I hope Sajid does the right thing by his loyal constituents.

I’m not entirely sure how to vent my concerns; however, from the sound of it, paying for legal help seems like something we’re prepared to get on board with. I’ve written this to compound others’ feelings and to say – love the mag!

 J Moir, Barnt Green