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What do Conservatives conserve?


Following last May’s General Election, many North Worcestershire residents, conscious of plans to submerge Bromsgrove/Redditch under thousands of new houses, may have thought that the threat had lifted.

But no! It starts to loom even larger under CON-LIB- DEM. and its Tory councils .

The prime targets here are that developer’s field of dreams adjacent to the Barnt Green Inn and the greenfield site on the corner of Birmingham Road and Old Rectory Lane in Alvechurch – one of its former ADR’s. 

Areas of Development Restraint are nothing of the sort, as The Village magazine pointed out in the March edition, in fact, they are to Greenfield conservation what foxes are to chicken rearing.

This glib cynical acronym is a contradiction in terms, meaning: “Can we fool enough of the people for enough of the time, this time.”

Bromsgrove District Council seems entirely happy to cling to the edicts of Labour’s former quango-directed policy on housing.

They even find their way into their New Core Strategy Document, which seems to have been written without any of the public involvement promised by David Cameron’s Big Society.

It is often difficult to see what Conservatives are actually conserving, other than their cosy, expense-funded lifestyle .

Perhaps we should count ourselves fortunate that we are not faced with the prospect of a Brussels-imposed German/French High Speed Railway scything through our properties and some of England’s most picturesque counties. 

England, a nation destroyed by its governments! Bankrupt, sovereignty gone, no organisation, no leadership.

Anyone who thought that May 2010 was the dawn of a new era of democracy and countryside preservation had better think again.

For Bromsgrove/Redditch, read Erdington/Castle Vale. Worcestershire style

Peter McHugh, Alvechurch Residents Group.