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Ode to a kingfisher


Alvechurch resident Frank Molloy sent us the following poem and photograph.

Frank Molloy's photo of a kingfisher


I fly down the Arrow every day,
to hunt and fish for easy prey.

The water’s high through all the rain,
but now it’s flowing low again.

Minnows, Bullheads and other creatures,
to be found in the upper reaches.

The mating season is almost here,
and hope my mate will soon appear.

The mating now has taken place,
and now the work is up a pace.

The nest is cleared of last year’s slime,
and hope the eggs are laid in time.

We will sit for a week or two
on eggs, three plus two.

Young are hatched and bellies empty,
beaks wide open, food aplenty.

We are blue but not with cold,
as we are only three weeks old

Parents calling from outside
and hope they join to be by their side.

We will teach them how to fish
and finally, they will be dismissed.

We as parents, fly away
and hope to return another day.