Saturday, December 9, 2023
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Our saviour, Jane


Jane Ward advertises in your magazine as a Travel Counsellor and we have used her for a few trips before. We have always been really pleased with the work she has done, but in December she surpassed herself.

We had booked a flight to Sweden and a meet and greet service at Heathrow with Jane. We set off for Heathrow on Saturday December 18 to stay in our hotel that night and leave the car parked so that we could fly to Stockholm early on Sunday morning.

But it snowed – a lot – and the airport closed.

We were devastated. We had a case full of presents for our granddaughter and it looked as though she would not get to see them.

However, we rang Jane and she was immediately on the case. By the afternoon she had rebooked our flights for the following Wednesday and sorted the parking. We got to the airport on Wednesday to find it still full of people waiting outside, some of whom had been there for four days.

We were allowed in because we had a ticket (and they bumped us up!) and by Wednesday evening we were safely in our son’s house in Stockholm.

 Jane called or texted us many times to check that everything was OK. We could not have asked for any better service.

We will never book a flight or holiday again without Jane’s help and advice.

Ros Jones
Barnt Green