Saturday, December 2, 2023



So now we know . . . the MUGA play area in Alvechurch is a much-used facility and appreciated by many young families in the village. In the past we had only heard from those who opposed it; just didn’t want it anywhere near them, even before it had been built.

But the sudden discovery last month that Bromsgrove councillors might, on the say of a handful of people in a “focus group”, be about to make a decision to remove it saw a flurry of activity. This culminated in an online petition quickly filling with names and comments that make interesting reading. (See:

Its presentation to Bromsgrove’s Cabinet decision-makers may have actually delayed the decision to keep the MUGA open and work on ways of alleviating any anxiety felt by other residents. The Cabinet seemed minded to agree on that course of action, but the council’s rules on petitions meant there had to be more scrutiny of them.

A full consideration of the situation is, however, a good thing. If some elderly residents are fearful of the noise made by passing teenagers, that should be addressed because no one wants that. If there are a few older teenagers and young adults repeatedly causing trouble, they should be identified and dealt with by the police.

Linking these problems to the existence of a play area that is evidently making village life so much more rewarding for so many people is clearly a nonsense and we hope that good sense will prevail at Bromsgrove.

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