Tuesday, February 27, 2024
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Road through hills will be impassable


Over the past few years my journey to work in Alvechurch has taken me along Alvechurch Highway through the Lickeys and I have become extremely concerned about the state of the road surface.

I am aware that there is, as I understand, it a golf course being constructed along this road on Marlbrook Tip and that has meant huge, heavily laden lorries using the road on a regular basis.

But I have thought for some time that the situation is far from satisfactory and in my opinion is now dangerous.

There are so many potholes that in some places they are impossible to avoid and urgent work needs to be done to rectify this and to make the road surface safe again.

Today, I have had to use the wrong side of the road to avoid the potholes, which is very dangerous and I fear there will soon be a bad accident on this road.

If nothing is done, this road will soon become impassable.

Norman Kilby