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Sunday, December 5, 2021

What a show!


I wonder if you could print an acknowledgement of the Kathryn Collinson Community Christmas Concert at Alvechurch Village Hall.

We were treated to a feast of talent, from the very young practising their five-finger exercises to the not-so-young displaying their new-found skills.

We all experienced a diversity of entertainment. The audience participated in encouraging and supporting the performers and the warmth and enjoyment was a delight.

At one point we were led in community carol singing by a vocalist supported on the stage by a guitar, mandolin, dulcimer, violin and keyboard. Four young girls danced to a Scissor Sisters song and infected us with their exuberance as they danced and laughed with us through their performance.

After the applause, the girls – aged about six to eight – sat down and strummed their guitars to a popular pop song.

Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring sounded unique as it was played on the dulcimer. Songs from Abba and Mamma Mia also featured in the programme.

Recitations, dancing, singing and an abundance of instruments, supported by family, friends and community, made this a very special evening.

Of course, the man in red himself, Father Christmas, dropped in as he was passing and gave out presents to all who had been good. We owe our thanks to Kathryn and Mark Collinson for giving everyone the opportunity to participate in a village event. The proceeds will be donated to the Village Hall.

It was such a good way for people in the village to come together and enjoy and celebrate achievements. It felt like a Victorian family gathering but with updated music and songs.

Pat Booth, Alvechurch

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