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Tuesday, June 22, 2021
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Try living 24/7 with a MUGA


I and other residents recognise the need for play provision for youth in Alvechurch, however myself and other residents along Birmingham Road and Swans Length maintain the MUGA is not the right provision, nor in the right area.

The long-term consequences were not thought through.

While I expect the council and police are singing its praises, they’re not living with it 24/7. In reality, day to day, there has been an increase in anti-social behaviour, shouting, swearing, and sexist remarks abound till the early hours of the morning.

In fact one morning myself and other residents were woken at 6am by shouting, swearing and balls being bounced off the tarmac. While I love to see and hear children playing, laughing and having good time, it is the unsupervised, unsociable youths and teenagers that spoil it for many.

Indeed, within the first few weeks vandalism rendered one peice of play equipment out of action.

On a more serious note the recent bad weather has – as predicted to the council – seen the flooding of gardens to an unprecendented level.

The warning of this, and subsequent emails/letters to the council asking for clarification of what preventative measures would be taken regarding flooding have been ignored, and we still await a response.

The 100-plus trees that were removed to make way for the MUGA were imperative in the drainage issue. As a goodwill gesture the council re-sited only 25 or so of the 100-plus trees – all of which have since died as they were moved at the wrong time of year.

There are much wider issues that need to be considered and addressed and I and other residents would welcome the opportunity to be included in the decision making process.

Sarah Morgan, Alvechurch