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Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Villages can’t take more development


Thank you for pointing out the possible new development (Arrow Valley under threat, Village April and May) as I was unaware our Green Belt land was under threat.

I am against any such housing development in the Arrow Valley area because the local villages cannot sustain the overload – for example Alvechurch Middle School.

There is already a major problem with school admissions and a severe catchment area problem. When the school is oversubscribed, it is the outlying feeder schools that suffer as the catchment area is decreased.

Some of these people have lived in these areas for years and have had older children go through the Alvechurch Middle School system, but as the Alvechurch and surrounding area numbers have grown these outlying residents have had a real struggle in getting school placements.

Even with their children filling the criteria of being at a local feeder school and being within catchment area there is still a shortage of places for most year groups.

What will happen if the number of residents increases with this new housing development at Arrow Valley?

Will Blackwell First School be removed as a feeder school for Alvechurch Middle? Which school will they end up going to through no fault of their own?

As we all know, several millions have been spent upon this new school and I don’t see that it is big enough to sustain a large housing development locally.

I feel that it is just a case of the longer standing locals being excluded and pushed out to make way for the new townies.

Blackwell resident 

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