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Housing plan inappropriate


Obviously affordable housing is necessary to a limited degree within rural settlements, but not when it is going to infringe upon the sensitive nature of the Green Belt buffer zone of Hopwood and cause an inappropriate character change of the country side and its lanes.

Affordable homes should be spread throughout the district in a fair and sustainable manner that shows some common sense, and not just allocated to a brownfield site that Bromsgrove District Housing Trust owns, and intends to increase by the acquisition of a green field site, that adjoins it, in Ash Lane.

This green field site has always been turned down for planning, but now that affordable housing is the flavour of the month, BDHT is taking the opportunity to use socially minded issues to set a precedent and overcome objections to build on Green Belt land.

Far more sustainable sites are available in and around the parish, but I have the opinion that BDHT do not want to pay the going rate to purchase such a site.

Surely affordable planning should come down to appropriateness and sustainability, which is just not the case in small hamlet of  Hopwood.
Adrian Smith