Saturday, December 9, 2023
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How about ‘New Meadow’?


After reading your article asking for ideas of names for the new schools site in Alvechurch, I would like to suggest “New Meadow”.

I guess it could not retain the existing name of Crown Meadow but it is adjacent to The Meadows. Another name could be “Green Fields”, as it was once!

Meanwhile, could you also pass on the fact that I think the road system is not very well designed immediately outside the new site.

The other day I was travelling  out of the village approaching the white painted roundabout, when a little old lady came at me head on, round it the wrong way. I guess she was not sure which way round it she was supposed to be going.

A small traffic island would have been much better and I feel would have calmed traffic even more. It will be interesting to see how it works on completion.

Penny Walker, Alvechurch