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Tip works are vital for safety


I feel I simply must respond to the letter in the May 2007 issue of The Village, from Mr Bannister of Lickey End, under the heading “What use are planning laws if we are still left to suffer?”

There has been ample opportunity for Mr Bannister to acquaint himself with all the facts surrounding the project taking place on the former landfill site on Alvechurch Highway before blaming planning laws.

Since the project started back in 2000, there have been three public meetings to explain why the capping of the site was so necessary and why so much material is required.
There have been two articles in this magazine explaining how and why the project is necessary.

The comments about a golf course could be applicable if only the main reason for the project was to create a golf course, but that is not so.

The fact is that this was, and still is, a potentially dangerous site, at least until the major works are complete.

The golf course will produce a “finished” landscape and provide funding for the monitoring of the methane gases being generated over the next 30 years or so and control of the drainage system both from the reservoir and surface run-off.

Before the project actually got underway, a large number of people in authorities and responsible bodies, including the Bromsgrove planning officers, spent a great deal of time and money to establish what was actually necessary in terms of quantities of materials, types of materials and methods of work.

Lickey and Blackwell Parish Council have ensured, by monthly reports in their newsletter, that Lickey residents have been made aware of problems and progress on the project.

I note that Mr Bannister lives in Lickey End, which of course does not have a Parish Council, the residents having decided to be anti-parish councils.

Is it, therefore, reasonable to question the functioning of democracy via the planning laws when residents choose to opt out of local government at parish level?

Ron Brown, past chairman of Lickey and Blackwell Parish Council