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Wednesday, January 19, 2022
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My waste permit worry


Today I have received my increased Council Tax Bill. I’ve also received a “Residents’ Household Waste Site Permit” – which is nice.

In the accompanying literature the council stress that this is a trial. The aim being to increase efficiency by restricting non-county residents from using the sites, and therefore, reduce queuing.

Will a queue not develop when people without passes are checked at the gates and then attempt to turn round when they are refused entry?

And, having once loaded up their vehicles will they then return home with them still unemptied, or will a handy hedgerow perform the same purpose as the now defunct site?

I also wonder how the council knows how many non-county residents have been “extensively” using the two sites? I’ve never been asked where I’ve come from – I wonder if anyone else has?

Finally, I do wish the council well because if it can be proved that us locals have been subsidising outsiders then perhaps we shall all benefit from the rebates.

John B Holland