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Illegal parking ignored


I thought it was a very good idea of Brian Wearing’s (Views, The Village, October) to suggest mobile wardens to issue a fixed penalty to motorists who break the law by blatantly parking illegally, blocking pavements, etc.

You can go anywhere around Bromsgrove district and you will see it everywhere, day and night; half on and fully on the pavement.

I have complained to Bromsgrove Council and the police; apparently it is the police’s domain but I have seen police cars pass these offenders and ignore them, even though they promised to address this problem.

Also, I have told the council time and again about the state of the roads and footpaths, some of which are very dangerous, but they do nothing apart from fob you off even when you give them a list.

As a road user on four and two wheels, and a pedestrian, to me this is unacceptable. I for one will sue Bromsgrove Council if I have an accident due to bad and dangerous road and footpath surfaces.

A few years back I wrote to Bromsgrove Council and I got positive feedback, and not too long afterwards these resurfacing repairs were addressed. Excellent service, I thought, and wrote and told them so – but overall, this council are the worst lot I have come across so far.

Concerned resident, Marlbrook

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