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Sort parking or village will die


Further to the article “Balancing Act for Barnt Green”: I was horrified by the remark: “we will only know the actual story if closing down signs appear in the shop windows”.

Surely it is the writer’s duty, as well as the shopkeepers’ themselves, to see that this does not happen? We in Barnt Green are fortunate in the type of shops that we have, and it would be the death of the village if closures were allowed to happen.

Being over 65 I have been privileged in the past to receive free parking in Bromsgrove. This privilege has now been withdrawn.

I can see the difference in Bromsgrove already. Previously it had been very difficult to park in the Asda area car park. No longer: there are plenty of spaces.

We have decided to boycott Bromsgrove. Park free in another supermarket once a fortnight, and visit Barnt Green for most everything else. Many of our friends are doing the same.

Bromsgrove will suffer. Already many shops are empty. Does the Parish Council wish the same for its village?

Be proactive and do something about the parking problem – don’t wait until no one bothers to visit the village.

Anne Eagle, Blackwell

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