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Hurt by overgrown grave



I am writing to express my disgust at the state of the St Laurence churchyard.

My family and I went to great expense for our mom to be buried in Alvechurch, as she was born there, and it was her wish to be buried near her family.

It was our understanding that the graveyard was maintained to a good standard. I felt so hurt and angry to see my mother, who was a very dignified and proud woman, insulted in this way.

I respect and understand the fact that it is down to a lack of volunteers and the wet month of May.

However, it is my belief that they have volunteers serving tea and coffee in the recently acquired cafe and licensed bar – is it that they are concentrating more on the inside and immediate surrounding area of the church and are neglecting the bottom part of the graveyard?

After making a phonecall to complain, I was told that it was the family’s duty to maintain their loved one’s grave, and the church’s to maintain paths. What about elderly or disabled people who are unable to maintain their loved ones’ graves?

Are people aware of this, or is it a new policy? I’m sure anyone visiting their lost loved ones would not be prepared for the kind of devastation and hurt that I have suffered.

In the four years since my mom was buried here, this has been my first cause to complain, and hopefully my last, as I am hoping that the standards will soon resume their previous level – I have no wish to offend anyone.

Natasha Tucker, Coventry

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