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Sunday, September 19, 2021
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Learn from our ‘mistakes’


Alvechurch may well feel let down by the lack of work in their village, which is a great shame as it is a beautiful area ruined by the neglected public landscape and wouldn’t take much to rectify.

However, take a look at Barnt Green to see the other side of the scale. Lots of money has been spent to make the scene more picturesque but the big, clumsy, badly laid planters are an eyesore themselves.

The row of horrible and poorly installed plastic bollards totally ruins the look of the village and the horrendous parking solutions that have been created means that a lot of the time the High Street is at complete gridlock, not even to mention the pointless speed bumps.

All it would have taken to make the village look more cared for is a flat, unbroken pavement and maybe some real stone kerbs, but even that is too much to ask for.

Barnt Green is a complete shambles and Alvechurch should feel lucky because at least their eyesore is free and they can learn from the mistakes made here.

James Waller, Barnt Green

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