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Dogged daily return to the pub


Regarding your recent article about Withybed, a friend who used to live in one of the cottages about 50 years ago told me of several interesting bits of “history” regarding the people who lived in the area at that time.

Apparently one man had three dogs, which he took on the bus to Redditch every day to the pub – the landlord of The Crown, his local, having banned him.
He eventually died but the three dogs continued to catch the same bus every day and sat outside the Redditch  pub until their usual bus  was due, and off they went back home!

Can you imagine dogs trying to get on a bus these days?

The pub had trouble with seven more men who persisted in bringing their own homemade wine and only ordering half a pint of beer all night.

Finally the landlord banned the seven men and they converted an old chicken house behind the pub into a club house, and from this, so the story goes, the working men’s club developed.

The children in the area had great fun and almost lived on the canal, making their  own boats and canoes and sailing right up to the  Tardebigge tunnel.

One day, the father of one of the children got so fed up with catching his ankle on the pram wheel in the kitchen every time he passed it, he took the pram and tossed it – with everything in it except the baby – off the bridge into the canal, to rapturous applause from the men sitting outside The Crown.

Your articles certainly bring back memories and stimulate the telling of tales!

Mrs Rae Fowler

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