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Wednesday, August 10, 2022
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Cameras are only solution


I do so agree that there is a great need to cut down the speed and amount of traffic going through our village.

The present traffic calming just seems to aggravate certain impatient drivers who, after having to stop and give way to the right, then have to put their foot down to make up for lost time, rev up and go even faster – 50mph in the 30mph limit is quite common.

The only deterrent is speed cameras; much as we hate them, a £60 fine and three points on your licence might stop them coming through the village. There is no one else to enforce the law.

Has anyone been fined lately in the village? What difference will 20mph make when they do not obey 30 or 40mph?

One point only known to people who live near the traffic calming areas is the vibrations and the dreadful extra noise they have to put up with, especially from lorries, tractors with trailers, skip lorries etc.

It really is dreadful and quite frightening at times. People who plan these things obviously have never lived anywhere near them.

It really comes down to enforcing the law; there are fines for speeding, but there is never a police presence to enforce it.

One only has to look at the litter thrown out of cars at the Hopwood motorway island – there is a law against throwing down rubbish, but is anyone ever caught? Cameras are the only way to catch and fine these people.

Mrs L Willis, Alvechurch