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Joggers should alert dog-walkers


I’m writing to tell you about a problem my friend and I have met on several occasions in the Lickey woods and the spinney that leads on to Fiery Hill Road. We walk our dogs regularly every morning and we go out quite early, about seven.

My friend has a rescue cross greyhound who is protective towards her  and when suddenly we are confronted by a jogger directly at our side, my friend’s  dog is startled and gently warns the jogger off by moving close to him. We then get a barrage of insults and swear words, which is upsetting, and sometimes threats have been made.

We are not aware of the jogger before this happens. Now I remember when I skied abroad, skiers behind used to shout “to your right” or “to your left” and I wondered whether joggers could develop a language of their own which could inform dog owners that they are approaching and allow the owner of a protective dog to hold him until the jogger has passed.

Do other readers have any suggestions to help?

Angela Carmalt , Barnt Green