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Thursday, July 29, 2021
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A few words . . . 


We’re always banging on in this magazine about community; about people getting together for the common good against those with more money or power who would happily steam-roll over their wishes.

The problem is, we don’t always know from where that threat is going to come. But, in the current climate, if land is concerned there is always a risk.

Look at the uncertainty left hanging over Barnt Green by the legal shenanigans around the fields between Fiery Hill and Kendal End roads. We all thought it was safe forever as Green Belt, but who knows what it is now? Who would be surprised to see Barnt Green bursting at the seams in ten years’ time?

Let’s face it, when even your local church will merrily flog one of the last green fields in your village to some property developer, as has happened in Alvechurch, we should all be on our guard.

Which is why the people of Cofton Hackett who have worked, for no personal gain, to find a way for residents to buy and protect the beautiful lake and its surroundings in the middle of their village deserve all of our praise.

Sure, the chances of development ever being allowed upon it seems remote – but, well, just see above . . .

At least the people of Cofton Hackett now have a say in their destiny and we wish them every success . . . so much so that The Village magazine has offered to buy one of the shares to help them meet their target.