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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Extra security for your home

CCTV cameras can protect your property – and they don’t cost a fortune, says Terry Williams.

Desktops are still PC

Terry Williams guides you through the many different options available when buying a new desktop PC.

Future vision here now

A LCD panel will give you all the benefits of IT integration for work and leisure, says Terry Williams.

Back-up basics

Don’t tempt fate by delaying saving your data, says Terry Williams.

How to get un-wired

Terry Williams gets up to speed with the fast-changing world of wireless.

Computing on the move

Have you ever thought it would be nice to have a PC fixed into your vehicle to provide the complete mobile office and entertainment centre?

I spy a good ISP

ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE Many people just upgrade their dial-up internet account to whatever broadband package their Internet Service Provider offers and may pay far more than...

Broadband appeal

Terry Williams extols the virtues of broadband technology.  ADSL broadband is, technically speaking, a data transmission technique allowing multiple high-speed signals to share the bandwidth of a...

Over 50: The prime of life

Cast your mind back a few years to the “dotcom” boom at the turn of this century and it’s hard not to think of...

Goodies and gadgets

Terry Williams takes a look at some of the new home PC products being introduced this summer. The graphics cards for the PC gamer have...