Friday, June 9, 2023

Greening grey Britain

Hannah Genders explores a garden project that aims to add greenery to our urban spaces.

Top 10 at Malvern

Hannah Genders reports on her experience at Malvern Show.

Just add water

Hannah Genders helps create a natural lake in Burcot.

Incredible edibles

Hannah Genders visits an urban food-growing project in Bristol.

Sow seeds of summer

Hannah Genders suggests ways to get your garden ready for the year ahead.

Magic of Alhambra

Hannah Genders tours some unusual gardens while on a cycling holiday in Spain.

A garden for Finlay

Hannah Genders adds planting to a very special creative project.

The oaks of Crete

Hannah Genders explores an ancient forest in the mountains.

Farm for the future

Hannah Genders visits a farm that benefits the community.

Time to plan & plant

Hannah Genders explains why September is a perfect month.