Where is The Village?

The Village magazine print edition is currently suspended during the coronavirus pandemic.

We had already decided not to go to press with the April 2020 issue, despite the magazine being finished and ready to print.

The risk, however small, that we might deliver a virus (which experts say can live for 24 hours on paper and cardboard) through the door of a vulnerable Villager was not one we were willing to take – even at the expense being unable to get vital information into the community and the loss of a whole month of revenue at what was already a difficult time.

As it was, the Government imposed restrictions on movement across the UK a few days later, rendering it unlikely we would have been able to distribute any magazines even if we had printed them.

Like many businesses across the country, we don’t know when we will be back and in what sort of format. As you will see if you look around this newly built online offering from The Village, we can still get out the news and information Villagers have grown to expect from us over the past 22 years of publishing the magazine.

We hope this site will grow in popularity and people will get used to using it – and following on from that we may then be able to build revenue from our advertisers, who have already shown us fantastic support.

For now, have a look around the site, search to see if you can find any pictures of yourself, or family and friends, from 20 years ago, and enjoy the random views of Villagers down the years – and let us know what you think.

Most importantly, stay safe out there, for yourselves and to protect those vulnerable people in our villages for whom these are very worrying days indeed.