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Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Smart way to keep criminals at bay

Smartwater is arriving in Barnt Green and criminals hate it because it has already put 500 of them in prison up and down the country and scared many others off “doing a job”.

All-day parking is Fiery danger

I must respond to correspondence protesting about the new parking arrangements in Fiery Hill Road, Barnt Green.

Special day at The Lounge

I had a wonderful birthday afternoon tea at the Community Cafe/Lounge, Alvechurch, last month with 30 of my friends. 

Blackwell site gives me pride

I read the letter from John and Jane Scott (The Village Views, October 2012) regarding noisy activities at Blackwell Court. It made me realise how we all react with different sensitivity on these issues.

We want a peaceful life

On the Alvechurch Neighbourhood Plan website, I have just read the “shared vision” for Alvechurch and found it bears no relation to what is really happening to the fabric of our so-called rural area and Green Belt.

Tipping point

I got the feeling of deja vu reading your article in the October issue about the frustration of the local residents over Marlbrook Tip.

One rule for one . . .

I feel the following information may be of some use for anyone who has loved ones in St Laurence graveyard, Alvechurch.

Could this be your cat?

Alvechurch resident Janet Reading has asked us to print this picture in the hope that someone may recognise the black cat with bald patches on his shoulders, who is regularly seen crossing the Birmingham Road towards the cricket club.

Cameras are only solution

I do so agree that there is a great need to cut down the speed and amount of traffic going through our village.