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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

The toll of time

I live in London, but am related to a former resident of Alvechurch. We were interested in the article on the Bishop’s bells celebration (The Village, June 2013) and I thought people might be interested in the information below.  

Stick to the rules

If frustration and futility are what turns you on, could I suggest taking an interest in local planning matters?

Thank you for a great magazine

What a marvellous magazine this is. I have been in regular receipt of this ever since its inception some years ago, and it never...

You’ll be lucky, Les. It will never happen . . .

If I were a betting man I’d wager that Les Bailey (Village Views, Oct 2004) has never been the major prize winner in the...

Cofton Hackett? More like Aintree or Brands Hatch!

You are now entering Aintree racecourse – sorry, Groveley Lane, or that’s what we thought when the white picket fences went up.

The wrong rectory

How and why was such an elementary mistake made with the incorrect spelling of Athelstan on an Alvechurch street sign?

Barbed wire danger to walkers

As a resident of Old Rectory Lane, Alvechurch, and a bed and breakfast proprietor, I am writing to express my serious concerns over the footpath that runs from Old Rectory Lane into The Meadows. 

People are left out

We returned from Alvechurch Village Society’s meeting on Wednes­day June 23 about the new schools, charged up with cynicism provoked by the general tenor of the meeting.

Cemetery woe

I have just read a clipping from The Village magazine stating that an award has been granted regarding the so-called management of the Lickey cemetery.

Thank you for the MUGA

As one of the leaders of the 1st Barnt Green Cub Scout pack, which has members from Alvechurch, Barnt Green and the surrounding villages, I’d just like to let you know how much the Cubs enjoyed the football tournaments we held at the Alvechurch MUGA this summer . . .