Monday, November 6, 2023

Piazza: plea for common sense

I fully support Paul Queen in his comments concerning our Square in the centre of Alvechurch.

A guide to getting on and off the train

With regard to access for all at Barnt Green station, I would like to expand on what Coun Cholmondeley has stated in Village News (November 2017).

Legislation is to blame for bungles

I would refer to your editorial “The Village View” in February 2016. While I concur fully with your interpretation of the effect of the problems, I cannot agree with your interpretation of the cause.

Do we ban walkers, too?

What sort of miserable and selfish so-and-so is “A disgruntled road tax payer” in your September edition?

Bonfire blight

At long last we get a warmer sunny weekend. After such a cold spell you can see people’s spirits are raised as they can get busy enjoying the fresh air in our lovely village and the surrounding countryside.

Well done, Hopwood!

As Chairman of Hopwood Residents Association it was good to see 12 volunteers, including our ward parish councillor Adrian Smith, take part in a last-minute community-arranged litter pick.

Tackle the pavement pests

Having visited Barnt Green at about 1pm one day, I was amazed to find the footpath outside the Happy Valley Chinese takeaway blocked by an illegally-parked car.

Where is our quaint village?

I would like to start by thanking The Village for giving us the opportunity to give our opinions of the Ark at St Laurence Church, Alvechurch.


A chorus of angry disapproval

The Village has been inundated with letters from people opposed to a rendering plant at Hopwood. Here is a much-abridged selection of what they...

Roger’s role to be applauded

I thought your short and rather sarcastic article about Roger Hollingworth in the April edition was unworthy of your magazine, which can usually be relied upon for balanced reporting and opinion.