Sunday, November 6, 2022

My mission memories

In response to the letter Mission Memories (Village Views, July/August 2010) I do have memories of the Church at Hopwood which your correspondent requested, as follows:


We want the Co-op, but not these lorries

A successful and busy Co-operative store in Alvechurch is of benefit to both local residents  and the other village shops. That said, the stocking and...

A round of thanks

The Rotary Club of North Worcestershire are delighted to announce that their recent Charity Golf Day at Blackwell Golf Club raised just under £6,000.

Foundry find

In your distressing article in the December/January issue about the theft of a bell from the roof of St Michael’s Church at Cofton Hackett, you referred to Whitechapel as the only remaining bell foundry in England.

Invest in a maypole

Never mind the public toilet; thinking about May Day, why don’t we invest in a maypole for Barnt Green and the surrounding villages?

Was justice done?

Regarding “One tragic punch” (The Village, June 2011),  I have no affiliation with the deceased or his family, I only have an unbiased villager view which concludes this was a miscarriage of justice for the crime committed.

Leave the library where it is

Surely if the Alvechurch Library building can be left where it is (The Village, May 04) then it should remain as a library, where...

Homes for our elderly

Regarding the McCarthy & Stone plans for Alvechurch, the effort being made by the developers to get villagers “on side” is huge (which means the potential profits are also huge) including advertising, leaflet door drops, surveys in The Square, the open day and of course the offer to the cricket club of a new clubhouse in return for digging up the Green Belt in the centre of the village.

Roundabout signs are dangerous

It was interesting to read Sarah Rees’ report on the problems with the Oakalls roundabout (The Village, August 2018). I live on The Oakalls and...

Bollard is a distraction

Have other villagers spotted the new child-shaped bollard outside Lickey Hills Primary School on Old Birmingham Road?