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Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Have The Meadows been short-changed?

On the subject of wanting to reduce the bogginess of The Meadows playing fields in Alvechurch, I would like to offer the following information gleaned during my tenure as clerk to the Wiggin Memorial/Alvechurch Playing Field Trust that looks after the Meadows. 

Deer spotting

Here is a member of a family of wild deer that hopped over our fence and were quite at home.


Regarding “Snail mail fail” (The Village, October 2014), which states: ‘’The proposal would have saved the council money’’ . . .

Thank you for kindness after fall

I would just like to thank all those who stopped and helped on Saturday January 19 when I had fallen over in Alvechurch, by where the Christmas tree goes.


Please stop the stencilling

May I appeal to the grown-up who gave a stencil set to a young child as a birthday present to take it back as...


There are many recurring themes of village life, almost all of them positive. Many of us have, tucked away at the back of our minds, the idea that we don’t suffer the negatives of city life and have instead only to step a few hundred yards to be in countryside or to find special views across beautiful landscapes.

Travellers’ legacy

These are photos of some of the rubbish left again in the field next to the M42 overpass in Alvechurch.

Lawton’s View


Lawton's View February 2013

Thank you, Peter

I am the sister of the late Peter Rippington. I do not live in Alvechurch, but visit the village regularly to see my family....

Let’s banish these fences from village

I would like to applaud Susan Whitehand for raising the problem of urbanisation of rural roads around Barnt Green (‘Hold on to village life’, July/August 2008).