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Lawton’s View

MARCH 2015

Lawton's View March 2015

Keep on keeping fit

For the past 18 years we have been lucky enough to have a dedicated aerobics instructor at Alvechurch First School.


Lawton’s View


Dreams for fields

Regarding the proposal to buy land surrounding Barnt Green for community benefit: many of the fields surrounding the village haven’t been cultivated for years, yet we resist using them for new housing. 

Lawton’s View


Lawton's View November 2011

Lawton’s View


Lawton's View August 2015

Look in the box

On page 66 (The Village, September 2014) you publish a small article describing Operation Christmas Child’s shoebox event.

Oh, sugar!

It’s good to have a monthly recipe, but could you and your recipe writer please not describe something as a “healthy treat” and “full...

Despair over Green Belt plans

The Village View, April 2011, could well become the primary reference document for those opposed to the proposed development in Barnt Green.

Rangers do a great job

Your contributor last month asked about the management of the Lickey Hills. I moved back into this area from Hertfordshire two years ago. There,...