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Sunday, January 24, 2021

Meat . . . or veg?

Mary Green looks at the implications of what we eat . . . It looks as if we are going into April without having any...

Caterpillars and snails

Mary Green reminds us of the important role played by ‘pests’. Following last month’s article about hedges (and the lovely reader’s letter that echoed it),...

As black as any sloe

Mary Green continues her series on trees in the Celtic calendar. September at last brought cooler weather, but we’ve certainly had a summer this year!...

Coast and countryside

We certainly did have a flaming June this year, and the first part of July. I don’t know what it was about the specific conditions, but the flowering of orchids in the area was the best I’ve ever seen.

Inside and out

Mary Green braves the elements to visit woods and gardens.

Fields of gold

Mary Green points out some more ways to enjoy cooking and eating seasonal foods.

quarry wildflowers

Heart of stone

Mary Green explores an island with a thriving ecosystem. I recently spent a week on a magical island, with amazing wildlife, spectacular views, clean beaches, a...
Aptly-named boat

Till May be out

Mary Green continues her series on trees in the Celtic calendar. Usually the start of May brings the hawthorn blossom, though I suspect this year...

Food for thought

Mary Green looks at the way our diets have changed over the years. I am writing this as a mild winter comes towards its end, hoping...

Go wild in the garden

Mary Green offers tips on turning your garden into a haven for various wildlife.