9.2 C
Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Inside and out

Mary Green braves the elements to visit woods and gardens.

Beasts of the fields

Mary Green looks back at wildlife seen in the past year.

November shadows

It’s late autumn now, and the bright colours have muted throughout the countryside. Everything looks brown and grey, especially if we get the foggy days common at this time of year.


Mary Green suggests warming meals with seasonal vegetables.

Walking by water

Mary Green goes for a wander around Upper Bittell reservoir.


Mary Green seeks flora and fauna along our roadsides.

Fields of gold

Mary Green points out some more ways to enjoy cooking and eating seasonal foods.

Christmas trees

Mary Green discusses some typical trees of our woodlands.

The turning of the year

Mary Green celebrates the natural cycle of changing seasons.

Bringing in the may

Mary Green looks at some of the traditions associated with may blossom.