Monday, November 6, 2023

Willow weaving

Mary Green continues her series on trees in the Celtic calendar.

Way out west

Mary Green reports on summer nature further afield.


Flowers for the future

Mary Green explains why wildflower meadows are so important. There was a wrong caption on one of my photos last month – I hope you...

The secrets of ducks

Mary Green shows why our wildlife is fascinating. During my illness last year, I found watching what was going on in the world around me a...

Meat . . . or veg?

Mary Green looks at the implications of what we eat . . . It looks as if we are going into April without having any...

Oh, to be in England …

Mary Green takes stock of spring, from bluebells to buzzards.

Life by the waters

Mary Green points out highlights of Bittell and Hopwood.

That WAS a summer!

Mary Green reports on the season’s splendour.

Here be dragons

Dragonflies, that is… and Mary Green also looks at some of our other helpful flying insects.

Harvests good and bad

Mary Green points out some plants that can kill or cure.