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Sunday, February 13, 2022

As black as any sloe

Mary Green continues her series on trees in the Celtic calendar. September at last brought cooler weather, but we’ve certainly had a summer this year!...

The secrets of ducks

Mary Green shows why our wildlife is fascinating. During my illness last year, I found watching what was going on in the world around me a...

Under the spreading chestnut tree

Mary Green identifies ‘useful’ trees to look out for in May. May is a lovely time to visit woodland, before the trees close out the...
burnet rose

The name of the rose

Mary Green explores why we call our flowers by so many names. I was unhappy to see that the railway people have mowed down all the...

September harvest

Mary Green continues her series on trees in the Celtic calendar. The hot dry summer had quite an effect on wildlife, though not always in...

Plant wisdom

Mary Green looks at the hidden powers of our plants.In the old way of describing the year, February is the first month of Spring....

Earth and water

Mary Green explains why ‘the answer lies in the soil’. Some of my neighbours are lamenting the sudden lack of goldfinches in our gardens where...

What can we do for wildlife?

Mary Green suggests ways to help the environment in 2020. I was talking to some younger people about New Year’s resolutions, and they said they didn’t...

A taste of spring. . .

Mary Green watches nature begin to wake up.


Mary Green suggests we embrace the changing scenes of life.